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Shikamaru Nara : Mugen character Progress!!

I choose Shikamaru Nara because I admire him even he is not strong and only as a support character in Naruto series.But he has a good reputation and he voted as 9th of reader's favorite character just check here ..Ok Shikamaru's progress is 90%! And He is still in Beta!A lot of Bugs!! He can perform : Kagemane No Jutsu, Kage Kubi Shibari No Jutsu, Kage Nui No Jutsu, and Will of Fire Combo!And he can throw : Chakra blade, Kagemane shuriken, & Chakra blade with Explosion Tag!Also I add some modified movements : Cut throat, Kage Uppercut...

Intro :
Shikamaru is definitely one of the most intelligent shinobi to have come from Konoha, yet he is probably also one of the laziest.  Shikamaru is a member of the Nara clan, who are famous for raising deer and making medicine from their antlers.  He chose to become a shinobi because he thought it would be interesting and allow him to live an easy life, but has since realized it’s a lot more work than he had originally anticipated.  One of his favorite catchphrases is “what a pain.”
Shikamaru is skilled in the use of Kagemane or Shadow Imitation jutsu. Although it is not entirely clear how the jutsu works, it is known that it uses chakra to manipulate shadows at the will of the user. Once an opponent’s shadow is in contact with the user’s shadow, his body will be force to copy the exact movements of the user. In its most basic state, the Kagemane is a support type jutsu, but more advanced techniques such as the Kage Nui can use the shadows for offensive purposes as well. 

He has a lot of bugs......especially when he fight an aerial type fighter....:( and also when he is in a team mode battle....:((

Movements :
Basic :
Charging chakra

Shikamaru can charges his chakra. But his chakra's generation is slow than others.
Move : C+Z

This is a generic or basic jutsu that all shinobi must have. This jutsu lets Shikamaru quickly switch places with a section of a log when the moment an attack hits. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. Shikamaru can then use this confusion to escape or launch a counter-attack.
Move : press START before get hitted

This movement is trying to take down the enemy by targeting their legs. This is a fast lower attack. 
Move : hold "down" + C

Cut throat 

This movement is adapted from anime/manga when shikamaru attack Hidan's throat to weaken Hidan.This is a fast upper attack.
Move : Z

Throwing chakra blade

This is shikamaru favorite weapons which inherit from his teacher, Asuma. At this state Shikamaru only throw the chakra blade without charges any chakra to it. It is only try to injure his enemy externally. It works like a regular kunai or shuriken. It is fast but only causing small damage.
Move : D DF F + Y

throwing chakra blade with explosion tag

Chakra blade is mounted by explosion tags. It will explode to get more damage when hit the target. It is slower than regular chakra blade's throwing speed. But It will causing small damage even the enemy  is in a dodge state.
Move : D DF F + Z

throwing Kagemane Shuriken

Shikamaru is able to channel his own chakra into chakra blade to use as extensions of his Shadow Imitation jutsu. When this weapon hit the enemies shadow, they will trap in Shikamaru's shadow imitation jutsu and can not move.
Move : D DF F + X
Requires : power : 400

Kage Uppercut

This is Shikamaru's Kage Nui modification. By create a big fist from the bottom, it can make the enemy smashed to the sky and fall down hardly!!
Move : D DF F + A

Kagemane No Jutsu
Shadow Imitation Technique uses chakra to stretch and expand the user's shadow. If an opponent's shadow comes in contact with it, then the person is immobilized and forced to mimic the movements of the user. And after the shadow imitation is success, shikamaru throw a chakra blade with explosion tag to his enemy.
Move : B+Y
Requires : Power : 400

Kage Nui No Jutsu
 Shadow Sewing is a technique where multipe shadow tendrils can be created. The tendrils are very versatile and can be used for stabbing opponents, and binding them.
Move : D DB B + X
Requires : Power : 1200

Kage Kubi Shibari No Jutsu
Shadow Neck Bind is a follow-up to the Kagemane where the user extends a hand-shaped shadow up to the victim's neck and chokes him to death.

Move : D DB B + A & B
Requires : Power : 1700

Will of Fire Combo!
First Shikamaru uses Kagemene no jutsu to immobilize his enemy. 

And then, Shikamaru uses Kage Yose No Jutsu to pull the Explosion Tags and shrouds his enemy with them.  

Shikamaru lights a cigarette and talk to his enemy that he will protect his friend and his "will of fire"!

And finally he throws the cigarette to his enemy to ignite the explosion tags. And KABOOM!!His enemy is destroyed into pieces!!
Move : D DB B + X & Y
Requires : Power :3000

And finally I just add the shikamaru's Video :

PLease Check the Download Center


@naruto-kun : english please I don't understand what are u talking about but..."obrigado de qualquer maneira";)

great work keep it up with the characters. hope to see naruto as one of your creation. Because the one that is out is too cheap and such a spammer.

@Noel : thanks.....Yeah I do hope so...but pain is chosen to be my next character b'cause he won the pool..;) but I will make Naruto since he is the main character!

May I provide some suggestions for the remaining 10% of Shikamaru?

Please consider this, as I think it may really help Shikamaru as well as a few other characters :/

@peyton nara : I've watched your video. it's good ideas to add more speed and perhaps i'll try to replace or smoothen the animation. And I'll try to fix the jump kick and slide kick as you shown on videos..
For "cut throat"...I design it for quick medium range attack, not for close attack. It won't work when he close to his opponent and may fail . But there are some "bugs", perhaps the Attack region is not correct...I'll try to fix it

Actually all of my characters are lack of sprites and animation sets....since I'm still learning how to draw good sprites and also how to program the movements efficiently...

Yays! Well, I wish you luck in all of your endeavors! :D

Oh, also (sorry for constantly posting here..)
But something you may want to do once you've finished Gaara, Killer Bee, last 10% on everyone else, ect., you may want to replace one of his stronger kicks, the one with the white dash marks ( seeing as there're 3 other attacks that use the same animation, with Shadow Bind. The background of the screen becomes white, and the shadow extends for them. It doesn't matter how much chakra you have, it just slowly depletes it as you use the jutsu. If they're caught (not just with the end of the shadow, but if they step on it) it binds them (freezes them) in the shadow. Shikamaru can't move, but it helps when you're on a team. Also, depending on how much more chakra you have, you can send Asuma out to slash them with his chakra blade, Temari to slice them with her wind emitted from her fan, he throws a kunai with an explosion tag, or Shikaku comes out and uses three shadow spikes like this: /|\

Actually I'm trying to make all of naruto shippuden as many as i can....and i'll fix them later n i'll leave them at 90 %.....
Thx for the ideas....

não existe mais esse link para download? como assim?

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